My Favorite Manuscripts

awardHOOFIN’ IT TO HOLLYWOOD, my first Middle Grade manuscript was a WINNER in the 2014 RATE YOUR STORY Writing Contest!!  You can read more about it here:  2014 RYS Contest Winners

WHEN PIGS CAN FLY Picture Book ~700 words

Wilbur and Amelia, two daring swine who soar, set out on a mission that will prove for all us yokels that not only can pigs fly — they also rule the sky!

Wilbur and Amelia, two daring swine who soar, set out on a mission that will prove for all us yokels that not only can pigs fly — they also rule the sky! Crated up and on their way to appear in a new exhibit at the National Zoo, the two pigs decide instead to stage a breakout, commandeer their transport plane and take to the sky. Wilbur and Amelia put on the most hapless and hilarious airshow ever, featuring a few surprise appearances from the barnyard in this frolicking aerial adventure.

COSMIC COWS Picture Book ~700 words
When NASA recruits two of America’s blue-ribbon best bovines for an international mission over the moon, Bessie and Molly’s shooting-star wish may actually come true. They pack their bags (of imitation leather) and hoof it to Cape Canaveral’s Space Camp. After completing NASA’s flight training and preparation program, the two barnyard hopefuls are finally ready for their fateful lunar launch.Do Bessie and Molly have all the right stuff or will they be lost in space? This space race rendition of cows jumping over the mooooon will rocket this Mother Goose tale right into orbit!

AMELIA AIR HOUND The True Tale of a Daring, Caring, Flying Dog Picture Book manuscript ~600 words
As her name might suggest, Amelia Air Hound is a daring, flying dog. She and her pilot, Charlie, combine barking and barnstorming to the delight of every audience. But Amelia isn’t always perfect. In fact, being a daring dog can sometimes prove to be a bit of a problem at a busy airport — until one day at the annual Airfest. When Nancy Lynn’s stunt plane clips a treetop and cartwheels down the runway, the pretty lady pilot is trapped inside the twisted, flaming fuselage. Soon everyone will learn what a daring and caring little dog will do to help the humans she loves.

HOOFIN’ IT TO HOLLYWOOD Middle Grade Novel ~41,000 words
Twelve year old Katie Kitchen longs to be a famous Hollywood actress. Instead, she’s stuck competing against her two older brothers to earn a role in her parent’s small-time, small-town, amateurish western movie. Born on John Wayne’s birthday, Katie assumes she’s a natural to get the part, but Katie’s auditions are awful. She’s thrown on calf ride, rattled by a rattlesnake, and she and her pony “Stump” are nearly trampled to death in a stampede on the set. It seems summer can’t get any worse — until Josh Sullivan steals her heart — and her role in the movie.As a diversion, Mama helps Katie rehabilitate Stump and care for Daisy, a calf left orphaned by rustlers. But when Daisy is in danger, Katie accepts a new and unexpected role. Together, she and her blind pony must round-up the rustlers to rescue the cow-napped calf. When one of the movie’s actors is fatally injured in the raid, Katie must learn that there’s more than one way to be a star and John Wayne isn’t Hollywood’s only hero.

Harley and Marley Picture Book ~200 words
Harley and Marley’s love of adventure can’t keep this unlikely pair apart — a nifty, swifty motor bike and a motorcycle mutt. Together, Harley and Marley build a bond that will rev our engines and warm our hearts! Himminy-homminy. Pop! Vrrroom-vrrroom.

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THE RIVER RUNS NORTH Middle Grade Novel ~45,000 words
Judson Whipple’s best friend is a slave he’s grown up with on Whipple Manor plantation at the mouth of the Susquehanna River. When Judson’s father remarries in the summer of 1855, a new step-brother brings difficulty and disaster into the lives of the two friends and a shameful family secret is revealed. Judson is sent away to a school up river in Athens, Pennsylvania, and Henry is left in chains and in peril.Aiding runaway slaves becomes a means of vindication for Judson, who helps build a station on the Underground Railroad. He vows to help “make the river run north,” by increasing the flow of fugitive slaves who journey up the Susquehanna’s escape route. Judson gambles his heritage, his inheritance and his life to right a wrong committed over thirteen years ago. But is it too late to help Henry?